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Love Your Garden
Love Your Garden with Protek Wood Stain


For the last 7 years Protek has been featured regularly on Love Your Garden. 
We are constantly amazed by their vision and skills to transform even the dreariest areas into wonderful spaces. We are delighted that our paints play a small, but colourful part in the amazing transformation.  And of course, like the rest of the country, there isn’t a dry eye in the house when we see the deserving individuals/ family’s shock. 

Love Your Garden - a stunning, low maintenance garden
Love Your Garden -  a stunning, low maintenance garden

We are wanting our spaces to work even harder. They need to serve as a place to relax, to dine, to grow your own (yes, we all started to grow carrots) and even have an extra room in the guise of a summerhouse, shed or home office. 


No wonder the appetite for garden renovation shows is soaring, as they provide a fabulous place for inspiration.


Since March 2020 the desire for a garden with functional space has become more and more important

The second special episode in Series 11 of ITV’s Love Your Garden proved to be the shot in the arm we all needed.


This time the dream team shared tips on how to create a formal pond from scratch, screening solutions for unsightly spots in the garden, and revealed how to mark out a perfectly oval lawn.


The garden designed for Richard and his wife Lynette looked stunning and was also incredibly low maintenance…..let’s be honest we all want one like that!


We were thrilled to be able to support this makeover with our paint.


So, what went where? 


The summerhouse was painted in Royal Exterior Winter Sky and Somerset Blue

The summerhouse was painted in Royal Exterior Winter Sky. This grey plaster/pink colour was perfectly complimented inside with Somerset Blue, also from the Royal Exterior range. Even the little coffee table was matching. The colours were so nice and worked so well together we would not mind wearing them!!  Positioned in front of the formal pond, you can imagine whiling away many hours watching the dragon flies hover and the fish swim.  Very zen!


Summer House painted in Royal Exterior Winter Sky and Somerset Blue


Winter Sky Royal Exterior Shop NowSomerset Blue Royal Exterior Shop Now


One of the biggest trends over the last two years is for PergolasOne of the biggest trends over the last two years is for Pergola’s.  These formal structures help to create definition and shape in a garden, perfect for a formal dining area or an outside sofa with a rug.  The pergola in this Wiltshire garden was painted in Royal Exterior Slate Grey and formed the perfect backdrop to the table and chairs.  The mirror added a focal point to the back of the structure and helped give the impression of more space.


Pergola painted in Royal Exterior Slate Grey

Midnight Blue Royal Exterior Shop Now

The raised bed created by the Love Your Garden team was perfect for planting without breaking your back

Grow your own. Last year the whole country seemed to be growing something.  There was something immensely satisfying a picking your own home-grown tomatoes. The raised bed created by the Love Your Garden team was perfect for planting without breaking your back. It was also painted in Royal Exterior Slate Grey to tie in with the scheme.


Raised Bed painted in Royal Exterior Slate Grey

Midnight Blue Royal Exterior Shop Now

The garden was simple but so effective.


Roll on Autumn when this Love Your Garden series starts properly, we know there are fabulous colour combinations coming up to get us all inspired.


Please share with us at #loveprotek. We would love to see your finished projects and share across our social channels.


Royal Exterior Shop Range


NEW Love Your Garden - small but perfectly formed gardens
Love Your Garden -  small but perfectly formed gardens

If you were asked to draw a garden, it would more than likely have a large lawn, maybe some flower beds and plenty of seats but for most people gardens are far smaller, more compact and urban.  The planning for a bijou garden is often far more challenging, but so satisfying when the little urban area becomes an oasis.  


Last year, unable to film due to lockdown, we watched as the Love Your Garden presenters, Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill transformed their gardens.  Each garden was a different shape and size, but all was a labour of love and provided that much sought-after personal space that we all came to need and desire. There was also lots of advice on growing your own food, even in the smallest of spaces.


The most bijou of gardens was Frances Tophill’s

The most bijou of gardens was Frances Tophill’s.  She transformed her back yard in Kent into a haven of plants including herbs, vegetables, and space for al fresco dining. A large fig formed a focal point. Every bit of space was utilised to full effect and the results were stunning.  


Brickwork and wooden fence painted in Wood Stain and Protect Warm Stone. Metal bistro table and chairs painted in Royal Exterior Saffron


Warm Stone Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowSaffron Royal Exterior Shop Now


Natural garden with unpainted wood, that will age over time

No wonder Love Your Garden have decided to make a programme concentrating on small but perfectly formed gardens.  


The first episode of the new series creates a natural garden with some unpainted wood, that will age over time.  The raised beds are packed with climbers and shrubs.


The seats, with planting beds behind it made the best use of the sunny space at the bottom of the garden. The trailing jasmin and clematis looked fabulous against the horizontal fences painted in our exclusive Royal Exterior D19 Nude Taupe (@design_at_nineteen)


Fences painted in Royal Exterior D19 Taupe


D19 Taupe Royal Exterior Shop Now


Royal Exterior Midnight Blue and provide the perfect finish to the ‘imagination station’The second garden really ‘pops’ with the bright colours and has a more modern structural feel.  The wooden walls are painted in Royal Exterior Midnight Blue and provide the perfect finish to the ‘imagination station’.


Slats painted in Royal Exterior Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue Royal Exterior Shop Now

Continuing the trend of moving the inside outside we see the greys being used

Continuing the trend of moving the inside outside we see the greys being used.


Our Royal Exterior Silver Grey and Royal Exterior Priddy Pools.


The table provides a great space for outdoor dining, but with the facility to fold up, it allows the space to be used so much more effectively. 


Fence painted in Royal Exterior Silver Grey and Priddy Pools










Silver Grey Royal Exterior Shop NowPriddy Pools Royal Exterior Shop Now


Our Guide to Small Gardens

1. Be bold. Don’t be afraid to be bold on plants.  You might think that a small garden couldn’t have a tree in it….but they can and it proves to be a great focal point.

 2. Don’t go small plants …..choose large statement plants.

 3. Straight gardens and straight lines often give the optical illusion of even more space.

 4. Concentrate on your priorities for the garden….often less is more.

 5. Avoid too many materials- by keeping to sleepers, or rendered walls it will make the garden look larger.  


The NEW Love Your Garden starts on ITV2 at 8pm on Tuesday 13th July.

Good luck!


Please share with us at #loveprotek. We would love to see your finished projects and share across our social channels.


Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range


“This is Epic!” Love your Garden 2018 Episode 6

This is Epic! - Love Your Garden Episode 6 Nottingham


he ever creative and thoughtful Love Your Garden team went back to Fiona’s Jamaican roots to create a garden with different areas that could be enjoyed by all her extended family.Supermum Fiona Kirlew is one of those incredible people who just gives to all above herself. She has fostered more than 40 children, despite only being 36 years old and was nominated by one of her former foster children as a gesture of just how much they owe to Fiona's commitment to giving them the best start in life.


The ever creative and thoughtful Love Your Garden team went back to Fiona’s Jamaican roots to create a garden with different areas that could be enjoyed by all her extended family. They chose 3 of our most bold colours to identify where the different areas in the garden begin and end. The main colour used was Protek Exterior Teal and then Drawing Room Gold and Giddy Green


We were thrilled to hear Alan say he loved our new colour Royal Exterior Hadspen Blue “Battleship Grey with a hint of blue” perfectly described it. It was used on the teenager’s hang out; a very cool space with the graffiti mural and tin roof.


Also seen was an old favourite Royal Olive Green for the home-made trellis and bike store. A great understated colour that worked very well with the red-brick house.


We also loved the Mobilane Living Wall and it’s beautiful planting, such a great idea. All the planting was a great inspiration, the “exotic imposters” I am sure will be seen throughout Britain’s gardens.


Protek products featured on this episode:


Royal Exterior - Teal  Royal Exterior - Drawing Room Gold  Royal Exterior - Giddy Green  Royal Exterior - Hadspen Blue  Royal Exterior - Olive Green

Love your Garden 2018 Episode 2

Love your Garden 2018 Episode 2


Alan Titchmarsh makes over a garden in Newark for a double-amputee veteran Nathan Cumberland and his young family. Despite his injuries, through his work with the Defence Medical Welfare Service charity, Nathan has devoted his life outside the armed forces to supporting older and elderly veterans who are often less likely to seek help for themselves than their younger counterparts. With tips on how to create a beautiful woodland themed outdoor space, Alan, Katie Rushworth, Frances Tophill and David Domoney take on Nathan's inaccessible plot and transform it into a show-stopping family garden.


Protek supplied the wood stain for this episode of  ITV’s Love Your Garden and it helped create the woodland feel in this special garden. Our uber cool Anthracite Grey was painted on the fences alongside Pond Green from the Royal Exterior range. Frances used her artistic flair to design a leafy mural mixing in Jungle Green and Mushroom. The Bex Simon commissioned sculpture was amazing and took centre stage against the Anthracite Grey, perfect.


Another inspiring episode, a fitting garden for this lovely family and Nathan who is most definitely a big man with a big heart.


Protek products featured on this episode:


Royal Exterior - Anthracite Grey  Royal Exterior - Walnut  Royal Exterior - Jungle Green  Royal Exterior - Pond Green  Royal Exterior - Mushroom


Love Your Garden: NHS Special

Love Your Garden: NHS Special


We are so thrilled to be involved for our 7th year with ITV’s Love Your Garden. The series kicked off in May with their biggest ever project, to create a garden for The Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.


The inspiration for Alan and his team came from letters written by the hospital’s young patients. Some of these patients were victims of the nearby Manchester Arena bombing; they requested an outdoor space for patients, families and staff to take respite. 


Alan meets the brave youngsters who wrote to him, some with life-threatening conditions and others like Lily Harrison who was treated by the hospital after receiving shrapnel wounds at the Ariana Grande concert just a year ago. He listened to their suggestions and with the rest of the team sets out to create a magical retreat full of thoughtful detail that the whole community can enjoy and be proud of.


The paint used for this special episode of Love Your Garden was from the wonderful, colourful Wood Stain and Protector range. These colours are always a firm favourite for use on children’s play areas.

 Wood Stain & Protector - Fire Engine Red   Wood Stain & Protector - Primrose  Wood Stain & Protector - Marigold  Wood Stain & Protector - Grass Green  Wood Stain & Protector - Amaranth  Wood Stain & Protector - Violet  Wood Stain & Protector - Cornflower  Wood Stain & Protector - Bristol Blue


Also used were the sophisticated Royal Exterior China Clay and its dramatic Black.


Royal Exterior - China Clay  Royal Exterior - Black


Love Your Garden 2017 - Episode 3

Love Your Garden - Episode 3 2017


The team then headed to Chandlers Ford in Hampshire for Episode 3 to help the Richardson family, who are facing a very difficult future. Father of two Jason survives only by the means of a portable external machine which keeps his heart working and three weekly sessions of kidney dialysis. The whole family are now tied to their home and desperately need an outdoor space on their doorstep that can become an escape. 


It rained and rained and then rained some more but somehow they managed to create a beautiful restful garden for all the family. We were particularly excited to see the brave use of Royal Cashmere on the fences and shed picked out with the lively Royal Spring Green.

Love Your Garden 2017 - Episode 2

Love Your Garden - Episode 2 2017


Royal Exterior Mendip Mist stole the show in Episode 2 as Alan and his team transformed a grim concrete yard in Salford into a classic cottage garden for 87-year-old twins Rita and Betty Mills. Having lived in Salford all of their lives, the twins recently moved into their new bungalow for health reasons and have never wavered in devoting their lives to helping others, so Alan and his team work to transform their concrete patch of dismal cracked pavers and hard edges into a beautiful cottage-style outdoor space where they can relax.


A beautiful garden with a retro feel was created and Mendip Mist was used on the arbour and summerhouse to help enhance the soft peaceful atmosphere. Protek Wood Stain & Protector in Whitewash was used to paint the fences to stunning effect.

Love Your Garden 2017 - Episode 1

Love Your Garden - Episode 1 2017


Alan Titchmarsh and his team transformed a garden in Plymouth into a show-stopping contemporary outdoor space for ex-Marine Mark Ormrod, who lost both his legs and an arm in Afghanistan, and his young family. The team show how lush tropical planting can work well in a low maintenance garden, and create a contemporary space for Mark and his family and friends to enjoy quality time together.  


Protek Royal in Taupe was used to lighten the old existing fence with a solid paint finish; this created a simple sophisticated canvas for the rest of the garden. An astonishing outdoor living space was created. For the children’s playhouse Royal Slate Grey was used to enhance the nautical feeling of the garden.

Love Your Garden is Back!

Love your garden with Alan TitchmarshYou know when summer has finally arrived when “Love Your Garden’ returns to ITV to inspire and entertain us.


The ever popular series is transforming the lives and gardens of six people that have shown courage in the face of adversity. For 6 weeks from Tuesday 28th June at 8pm on ITV1 Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney, Katie Rushworth and Francis Tophill will be creating more stunning gardens with a little help from Protek wood stains!


Love your garden

New England Garden Style - Love Your Garden
“Love Your Garden” heals more souls

“Love Your Garden” heals more souls

The nation’s favourite gardening series, “Love Your Garden” returned to ITV1 for another series on Tuesday 25th June at 8pm.

For the fourth year running the production company Spun Gold TV, selected Protek wood stains for the series. The team skilfully use Protek’s diverse range of coloured wood stains to create striking backdrops to planting and often use the stains as an integral feature of the gardens.

Caroline from Protek says “Being a fan of the series I am delighted that ‘Love Your Garden’ are using our wood stains again this year. We feel very proud and privileged to be part of such a wonderful production and each year I look forward to seeing how they use our colours in their garden designs.

This year one of the garden transformations was taking place in Moorland, Somerset and they had an enormous amount of painting to get through. As our manufacturing factory is based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, only about 30 minutes away from the garden, I very happily donned my overalls, enlisted the help of my mum and drove down to the site with a boot full of Royal Exterior Snow wood stain to help the team.

The couple that live in the house had been through a terrible ordeal with Sheila battling breast cancer and within weeks of coming home from hospital they were evacuated from their house after the floods struck. Their garden was a haven for Sheila but got totally destroyed by the floodwaters.

Alan Titchmarsh and the ‘Love Your Garden’ team came up with a beautifully soothing design for the garden taking inspiration from New England. White painted picket fences personify this instantly recognisable style used alongside soft attractive planting.

Mum and I spent the day painting everything in sight from picket fences & planters to arches and fence screening. The old back boundary fencing was painted with Royal Exterior Anthracite Grey wood finish to create a striking contrast to the soft planting and white paint.

It was great meeting members of the team that work so hard to create these amazing garden havens. I got to see David Domoney again who is an absolute inspiration to me and another highlight was that mum and I got to meet Alan Titchmarsh who has been a hero of ours for years!

Most importantly it was an honour to be able to supply and assist with helping out some local Somerset people affected by the devastating floods that troubled so many.”


Love Your Garden 2015 - Episode Listings

Protek Love Your Garden PosterThis much loved ITV1 primetime gardening series is back from 20.00 Tuesday 23rd June. Please find below our episode listings and products used from out range, don't forget to visit there blog


Porcelain Blue on fencing & sample pot Midnight Blue

Moorland, Somerset   
Snow on picket fences, screening fence, arches & planters
Anthracite Grey on old boundary fencing & shed floor

Truro, Cornwall   

Peacock Blue for fencing & China Clay & Midnight Blue on shed

Chessington, Surrey   
Anthracite Grey & Gun Metal Grey on masonry

Hemel Hempstead
Mauveine Purple on fencing & Czar Plum on shed and henna patterning on fence

Wiveliscombe, Taunton   
Mendip Mist
& Cornish Cream on fencing & Somerset Blue on shed

‘Love Your Garden’ splash out with Protek

The ever popular ITV primetime gardening show returned to our screens this summer with another stunning series. With viewing figures now exceeding those of BBC Gardeners World, millions of people tuned in every week to see horticultural legends Alan Titchmarsh and David Domoney team up with Katie Rushworth and Frances Tophill to transform the gardens and lives of well deserving members of the public.

For the third year running the production team and designers used Protek wood stains as an integral part of their garden designs. Urban wastelands were transformed in to stunning gardens with the help of great planting, structures and landscaping features.


Protek’s coloured wood stains were used on a range of timber products including boundary fencing, an ornamental bridge, playhouse, sheds and summerhouses to add beauty and protection. Colours from Protek’s Wood Stain & Protector range and their extensive Royal Exterior Superior Wood Finish range were used to compliment planting and create attractive features throughout the garden design.


We are very proud to have been selected again as suppliers to such a great series and to have the continued support of such a high-profile production. Alan Titchmarsh has always been a personal hero of mine and it’s a delight to see how he and his team use Protek colours as such an important part of their garden transformations.


This series they used huge swathes of our colours from the first episode featuring our Wood Stain & Protector in Gun Metal Grey on the entire boundary fencing, to the final episode where Royal Exterior Mendip Mist was applied to the boundary fencing, summerhouse and bird table with accents of Cornish Cream on the aforementioned, and Royal Exterior Cornish Cream on the ornamental garden bridge – the whole garden was given the Protek treatment!

David Domoney has written a Complete Guide to Love Your Garden that you can download from his David Domoney site.


David Domoney to co-host another series of Love Your Garden

David Domoney to co-host another series of Love Your GardenI was lucky enough to recently meet one of my idols David Domoney and he has confirmed that ‘Love Your Garden’ is due to return to our screens next year with a 3rd series featuring more well-deserving people having their gardens and a piece of their lives transformed by the team.

David is an extremely successful horticulturalist and avant-garde plantsman whose quirky and innovative designs have won him critical acclaim at many gardening industry events such as the Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court Palace.

His website offers some great gardening advice and design ideas and you can follow David on Twitter @daviddomoney


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