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Time to Protect - Garden visitors need some protection

Time to Protect - Garden visitors need some protection


Recent estimates suggest there only 1 million hedgehogs currently in the UK, what a tragedy for this gardener’s friend. Make your garden a hedgehog haven by allowing a five-inch access hole at the bottom of your fence. Leave areas of the garden untouched so wildlife can use fallen leaves, twigs and dead vegetation to build nest. Or build a hedgehog home.


Our hedgehog home was built out of leftover materials we use to build our display stands. Choosing the product and the colour is always the fun part. We decided on our Wood Stain and Protector in American Barn Red (well the house does look a little bit like one) and Parsonage Cream. We love Wood Stain & Protector it is so easy to use, gives a great finish and is pet and animal friendly. The perfect wood stain for a hedgehog house.


Easy tips for having a hedgehog friendly garden:

  • - Create an access
  • - Have a wild part of the garden
  • - Build a hog house
  • - Leave food and water out
  • - Do not use slug pellets 
  • - Check long grass before mowing
  • - Make ponds safe


We have found a nice quiet corner of the garden for Hog House and are full of anticipation to see if we attract any inhabitants.


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