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Plant Friendly
Plant safety paints in caring colours

It’s springtime and the bulbs are looking ready to burst, which hopefully means the end of the cold wet Winter and brings a long-awaited return to our gardens. Whether you have acres, a long skinny garden, a deck, or a balcony we know that planting and plants will brighten your day and your outlook.


Small planters for window painted in Royal Lime Green and Warm Clay

During the lockdown more people than ever connected with nature, embraced their space and took up gardening.  Apparently 27 million people garden in the UK. 


A survey by the British Journal of Sports Medicine states that unsurprisingly gardening is linked to longer life, and this can provide the perfect replacement for exercise, and stops a non-healthy sedentary lifestyle.


Not only that, but gardening is also said to increase happiness, with the activity bringing about a sense of peace and well- being as well as relieving stress.


Arbour seat and planters painted in Royal Hadspen Blue and Winter Sky

We often get asked 

what to use to freshen up last year’s planters, tart up the window boxes, or how to paint the shed behind an established plant like a clematis.


The answers are fortunately very easy, ALL our wood stains and paints are water based and non-toxic - it means that they are plant friendly.  With no hidden nasties that could poison your prized pansies, ruin the rosemary or even worse kill your honeysuckle. 


All our wood stains are low VOC (Voluntary Organic Compounds), low odour and non-toxic, this makes them safe and easy to use around your plants. 


Have a look at our guide that shows what paints to use. 


Vegetable Planter in Timber Eco Shield Dark BrownPlanters  

If you like the natural wood look, then you could protect it with a coat of Timber Eco Shield in Dark Brown or revitalise and re-use old plastic planters with a couple of coats of Royal Exterior.


Planters really are so easy to do, in many cases you can buy the plants already grown enough just for general care. Add a protective colour like these and make yourself look like a garden hero...


Dark Brown Timber Eco Shield Shop NowBlack Royal Exterior Shop NowWarm Clay Royal Exterior Shop Now


Window box in Timber Eco Shield Weathered Wood

Window boxes

Whether they are a herb garden box or brimming with flowers you can paint whilst the box is full. 


Use Royal Exterior for a superb finish, or to make them look bang on trend and a bit weathered, with our Weathered Wood.


This is what Yvonne did from six@21 on some old, reclaimed timber. She has a fantastic instagram account that could give you lots of inspiration!


Our colours fav colours...

Weathered Wood Timber Eco Shield Shop NowStone Grey Royal Exterior Shop NowSpring Green Royal Exterior Shop Now


Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh use our safe paints on all their wooden structures, here are some raised beds from the show

Raised beds

If you feel that the planter needs to tie in with your new colour theme- paint it.  Our most versatile wood paint is Wood Stain and Protect.  It can be applied to wood and masonry.


The hit ITV show Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh use our safe paints on all their wooden structures, here are some raised beds from the show.


Ideal colours include….

Gun Metal Grey Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowWarm Grey Wood Stain and Protect Shop NowSilver Fir Wood Stain and Protect Shop Now


Potting Shed Royal Exterior Priddy PoolsPotting Sheds

A great place to hang out, these days your old vision of grandad's potting shed is no more. This is turning into a real area of the garden where you can draw breath whislt feeling super smug and organised so give it the love it deserves and go with colours that represent you, liven them up inside and out with our Royal Exterior.


Below are some of our favourite colours...


Heritage Blue Royal Exterior Shop NowWarm Clay Royal Exterior Shop NowPriddy Pools Royal Exterior Shop Now



Protek Wood Stain - Plant Safety

Wood Stain and Protect Shop Range

Royal Exterior Shop Range

TES Shop Range



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