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Covid-19, Protek Wood Stain is Open and Operational

Update 24/03/2021 - 12.36pm


Orders are now taking between 1 to 5 working days* 


*Some orders are taking up to 10 working days where we need to manufacturer more paint in specific colours but we are working on this lead time daily.





Update 26/02/2021 - 09.10am


Well everything is looking much more positive since Boris made the announcement that schools are to reopen! The sun has been shining, bulbs are bursting through and Spring seems to be here.


We have had the busiest start to the year ever.  Sales for January and February have been amazing, it appears that more and more people are improving their space ready for sharing drinks in the garden with friends!


We have been lucky throughout the last year to have couriers that turned up and for this we are very grateful. 


Thank you so much for your support over the last year.  Small businesses need it and massively appreciate it.




Update 06/01/2021 - 08.19am


We are back and raring to go after our Christmas shutdown. Lockdown 3.0 wasn’t what we were expecting to hear on our first day back at work, although after 2020 we should know to expect the unexpected! In light of the new restrictions we have reviewed our ways of working to ensure the health, safety and welfare of our staff. We have introduced new measures in the factory and those that can work from home are doing so.

Every business needs to invest, which is why over Christmas we have installed new machinery which will increase our capacity ready for 2021 orders as well as implementing changes to our warehousing that will allow us to hold more stock.

We are very fortunate that our factory is open and we are able to continue manufacturing and despatching our great products nationwide.

All orders are being sent out on a Next Day Service, and despite the fact the courier network is still under some strain, 97% of our orders are arriving the next day.

Thank you for supporting our family business.




Update 17/11/2020 - 10.03am




YOU CAN COUNT ON US As we start another lockdown, we here at Protek are continuing as we have done for the whole of this year. The warehouse is open and fully functioning, more stock is being made every day, and we are getting orders out faster than ever.


With the high street mostly closed shopping turns online, and so it’s reasonable to expect that couriers will become increasingly busy and under strain. To help mitigate this and to do our best to see that our customers aren’t affected, we have secured collection slots with our couriers from our warehouse several times a day.


Order in confidence, and we will do everything possible to make sure that your Protek products arrive quickly and safely. Whatever your project, being it to water-proof that new garden office, give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life or add shimmer and shine to your Christmas.


It’s quite clear that Christmas will be very different this year. It’s a horrible situation to be in for everyone, but whatever upheavals and problems this creates for you, we are determined that we won’t be one of them.


Please note:  Orders are now taking up to 3 working days* 


*Some orders are taking up to 5 working days where we need to manufacturer more paint in specific colours but we are working on this lead time daily.



Update 04/10/2020 - 12.36pm


Orders are now taking up to 5 working days* 


*Some orders are taking up to 10 working days where we need to manufacturer more paint in specific colours but we are working on this lead time daily.




Update 03/5/2020 - 06.18am


We are taking and delivering your orders.


All orders received are being processed but due to the high demand and the strain on the courier network you may experience a delay in receiving them. Please allow 10  - 15 working days for delivery. Once your order has been shipped we will send an email to update you on the status of your order.


Thank you for your understanding at this time.




Update 4/5/2020 - 07.51am


We are taking and delivering a limited number of your orders.


All orders received are being processed but due to the high demand and the strain on the courier network you may experience a delay in receiving them. Please allow 10  - 15 working days for delivery. Once your order has been shipped we will send an email to update you on the status of your order.


Thank you for your understanding at this time.




Update 2/5/2020 - 17:00


Temporary Suspension of orders.

We will open again at 9am on 4/05/2020


Thank you for your continued support.



Update 3/5/2020 - 08.08am


We are taking and delivering a limited number of your orders.


All orders received are being processed but due to the high demand and the strain on the courier network you may experience a delay in receiving them. Please allow 10  - 15 working days for delivery. Once your order has been shipped we will send an email to update you on the status of your order.


Thank you for your understanding at this time.




Update 2/5/2020 - 19:00


Temporary Suspension of orders.

We will open again at 9am on 3/05/2020


Thank you for your continued support.




Update 2/5/2020 - 08.45am


We are taking and delivering a limited number of your orders.


All orders received are being processed but due to the high demand and the strain on the courier network you may experience a delay in receiving them. Please allow 10  - 15 working days for delivery. Once your order has been shipped we will send an email to update you on the status of your order.


Thank you for your understanding at this time.




Update 1/5/2020 - 17:00


Temporary Suspension of orders.

We will open again at 9am on 2/05/2020


Thank you for your continued support.




Coronvirus update- 24.03.20
Still Manufacturing and Delivering Wood Stain and Paint
Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday 23rd March we can confirm that we are able to keep our factory manufacturing and fulfilling all our paint orders.
As a small business being able to trade is a significant, BUT and here’s the BUT we can only do it with our team and couriers.
The Team
Our staff’s health and welfare remain our biggest concern.
We will continue to operate the social distancing policy and support any of them if they are ill.  If any of their family members are ill we will ensure that the whole family isolate.  
Thank you again to our team.
As an on-line business we rely heavily on our couriers.  We will continue to send out orders as long as the couriers turn up.   We are hugely grateful to the couriers who really are ‘Keeping Britain moving’. Thank you.
We offer free delivery for orders over £30. We are committed to this promotion and will endeavour to get all orders dispatched as soon as possible, usually within 5 working days.

Finally, THANK YOU.  Thank you so much for buying wood paint and wood stain from us. We know you have a choice.  We hope that you all stay, well, fit and healthy. 
During these very challenging and unsettling times, we hope that if you are lucky enough to have an outside space, that you can create an oasis of your own, to support your mental health, please share images to give positive hope to others.
*We use a reputable courier who will continue to deliver their excellent service. They have reviewed their procedure and have implemented the following methods to deliver your order in a safe way.
For Deliveries to Residential Address
• Courier will place parcel on doorstep and ring the door-bell or knock on the door
• Our courier will then step back approximately 2 meters from the door
• Our courier will explain to occupant that due to extra precautions over Coronavirus we will not requiring a signature.
• The driver will enter the DEL code onto his EPOD device (and)
• Ask the recipient’s name and enter this onto this onto the EPOD device
• Courier will enter CV into the signature field.
If no one answers a We Called Card will be left in the normal manner and the parcel will be returned to the depot.
For Leave safe parcels that have specific leave safe instructions in the Special Instruction Field
• Our courier will leave the parcel in a safe place
• Our courier will complete and post a We Called Card stating where the parcel has been left
• Our courier will take a photograph showing the parcel and surrounding environment to identify location.
• Courier will enter code LAI (Left as Instructed) onto his EPOD device.
This is obviously a constantly changing situation and we will continue to run our business by adhering to the latest government guidelines.

Timber Eco Shield's TV Debut on Love Your Garden

Timber Eco Shield’s TV debut


Back in October, ITV’s Love your Garden team of Alan Titchmarsh, Frances Tophill, Katie Rushworth and David Domoney took on their most challenging garden to date. Father-of-three Chris Garlick lost his hands and feet to sepsis just 22 months before. Chris, who at the time just felt a bit under the weather with flu like symptoms, was in fact going Septic. This was spotted by his amazing wife Karen who had just by chance recently done her “return to nursing” practice and spotted 5 of the 6 red flags! Despite this an attack of Bacterial Meningitis followed and when it came to saving Chris’s life, they had to decide to either, hopefully save Chris by removing his hands and feet, or very much face losing him completely. After the surgery he has fought to walk and move but his restricted mobility has meant that most of the garden was out of bounds to him.


Timber Eco Shield’s TV debutOur new Timber Eco Shield in Black was seen on the large garden building that was erected for Karen’s therapy business. It was chosen to be in keeping with the rest of the garden.  The Garden Room Linda from Summerhouse 24 was an ideal solution that not only looks great but is incredibly functional as well as having additional space for the family to enjoy. We were so delighted that Timber Eco Shield was chosen to be used as Summerhouse 24 are great customers of ours and already sell Protek with their buildings.


Timber Eco Shield in Black was chosen as the designer’s wanted a flatter black treatment as seen on Norwegian buildings. It was also used on the Adirondack chairs that looked super stylish with the blue geometric print cushions.


It was a complete WOW of a garden.


Timber Eco Shield - BlackWe were delighted to play our part in supporting this transformation and even more excited to see our brand New product - Timber Eco Shield used across the garden.


Good luck to Chris and his family- you have inspired us all.

Christmas homemade decor inspiration

This year we have decided on a natural theme and colour choice for our Christmas decorations, which include upcycled, handmade and foraged items. To tie in with the launch of our new Timber Eco Shield, we have used Red Cedar, Moss Green and Weathered Wood, adding a delicate twist on the traditional colours. Of course to add a little bling, we couldn’t help but accent these with our wonderful Royal metallics wood paint. 


Products we have used:


Royal Metallic Exterior - Cooper    Royal Metallic Exterior - Bronze   Royal Metallic Exterior - Gold   Royal Metallic Exterior - Silver   Timber Eco Shield - Weathered Wood   Timber Eco Shield - Cedar   Timber Eco Shield - Moss Green   Royal Interior - Snow


Bringing your staircase to lifeBring your staircase to life over the Christmas period by giving it a festive makeover. Whether it’s the first thing to greet people as they enter your home or if even it’s tucked away, they are a perfect place to drape a garland or dangle some decorations to brighten up an often overlooked space. Make a green faux garland your own by adding natural evergreen foliage like Ivy or some with red berries such as Cotoneaster. You could even add something aromatic like Eucalyptus or Rosemary, which will release their scent as you brush past. This gives a perfect base to add your own hand painted Christmas decorations and a little sparkle. We embellished wooden and cardboard decorations from Hobby Craft and Baker Ross using Timber Eco ShieldRoyal metallics and Royal Interior. If you don’t have a stair case, or need to keep the area clear, you can use the same idea around a door frame or mantelpiece. 


Glitzy make-over using Royal metallic BronzeA larger paper mache reindeer’s head was given a glitzy make-over using Royal metallic Bronze for the antlers and Royal Interior Snow for the head. Team this with smaller reindeer heads, also painted in Royal Interior Snow, but using Royal Metallic Copper and Gold for the antlers, interwoven into a garland for your stairs. On it’s own, set against a wall painted in Farrow and Ball Arsenic green, this effortlessly simple decoration could undoubtedly stay up all year round. 





Help your kids make some rustic Christmas decorations using foraged twigs from your garden or a wintry woodland walk. They don’t have to be perfectly straight as this adds to the character and texture, but try and get them thinner than a pencil. You will also need a glue gun, secateurs (or a sharp pair of scissors) and some embellishments such as paint, ribbon, twine or even buttons. Gather your twigs together and cut them into sets; two longer pieces for the sides, one slightly shorter for the bottom and a much shorter piece for the truck. First glue the two longer pieces together at the top, making sure the gap at the bottom will fit the twig for the base. Then take your base twig and glue it in place to finish the triangle. Lastly take the very short twig and glue it roughly in the centre of the base twig. Set them aside to dry and continue with the other sets you are making. Once they are dry you can add your embellishments. We kept it simple by painting stripes with Royal Metallics, but you could decorate your trees with anything you have left over from wrapping presents or you can find around the house. Wrap ribbon or twine around the twigs, from side to side making the middle more solid, or glue buttons or pompoms on. The possibilities are endless!Rustic Christmas Decorations


Welcome to Winter

Welcome to Winter


There is no winter without snow, the wintry trees all shivering silvery and brown weighed down and heavy. Burnished copper reflecting the warmth of a burning fire, on these short dark days. 


Winter has given us the opportunity to highlight our favourite colours in two of our new products. From Timber Eco Shield we have the on trend Weather Wood, making new wood look old and full of character. This alongside Royal Metallics Copper gives us the most gorgeous combination. Against the pure white of Snow from our Royal Interior range.


Timber Eco Shield - Weathered Wood   Royal Metallic Exterior - Cooper   Royal Interior - Snow


Autumnal Hues - Be inspired by nature

Autumnal Hues


Autumn brings its own natural palette, changing from fresh green to rich shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, magenta, and brown. Seen here from the Royal Exterior range are Saffron, Drawing Room Gold, Pillar Box Red and Pond Green echoing beautiful cherry tree leaves.


This is the best time of year for a bracing walk, locally Exmoor National Park is abundant with beech trees that are a riot of autumnal colour. Or we recommend a visit to Hestercombe Garden where three centuries of exquisite garden design surround you with trees full of golden changing colour. 


Royal Metallic Exterior - Saffron    Royal Exterior - Drawing Room Gold    Royal Exterior - Pillarbox Red    Royal Exterior - Pond Green 

Grow Winter Salad

Grow Winter Salad


The warm and bright Summer months may be a distant memory as the nights draw in and the weather turns wet and windy, but there are still many things you can do in the garden. It is an ideal time to tidy and weather proof your garden, put in some effort now and your garden will look good over the winter months, but you can also still grow new crops.


Growing Winter SaladAs you savour your last few tomatoes or herbs, you may think the time for planting crops has gone, but it is still possible to grow vegetables over the winter months if you choose the right ones and give them a little protection. The slow growth of the plants can give an extra depth of flavour, so you may find some taste even better than those grown in the warmer months.  There are the usual root vegetables you can grow over winter, some of which are fully hardy, so can cope with the cold and wet, but these may need more space than you have. If you only have a small area such as a patio, balcony or windowsill there are other crops you can grow such as winter salads, spring onions or leaf vegetables that can be cooked quickly. 


There are a wide variety of containers you can choose to plant up, they may be ones you already have; either wood, ceramic or metal, but make sure they are clean and in good condition before you start. We used Timber Eco Shield Dark Brown on our wooden trough, but you could use a brighter shade from one of the 64 available in our Royal Range to add all year round colour to your garden. It is probably a little late to sow your own crops, as it should really have been done early to mid-September, but some garden centres are still selling plug plants which can give a head start. You can use new compost in your pots, or recycled, but in this case make sure it is pest free and add some slow release plant food or chicken manure pellets. The crops will be less hungry as they grow more slowly in Winter and therefore need less feed through the cold period. You can begin feeding again when the weather warms up in Spring. Place the container in a sheltered spot out of the wind, and if possible give them some cover; a cloche or fleece, as this should give you a more productive crop. You can buy these, but we’ve used recycled water bottles, (the large 5L ones are great as they give the plant more room to grow) or other recycled materials such as plastic piping and clear plastic packaging.


The final thing is what to grow!  Some of our suggestions for planting are; for salad crops ‘cut and come again’ salad mixes, rocket (less prone to bolting in the cooler months), Mizuna, Chicory or Winter Gem lettuce. Other leafy crops include Cavelo Nero, Spinach or Swiss Chard (this will give the added bonus of a splash of colour to your garden as well!).

Autumn is upon us

Autumn is upon us


Autumn is upon us and now is the perfect time to protect exterior wood.


We all love the season's spectacular hues, jumping in crunchy leaves, discovering shiny conkers while taking a walk through the changing colours of the landscape. Our NEW Timber Eco Shield has a rich natural colour scheme that lends itself perfectly to this time of year.


Our colours choice for this Autumn is Timber Eco Shield in Cedar, Black and Hazelnut


Timber Eco Shield Black is seen on this large outbuilding. Our friends at Mendip Fireplaces wanted to smarten up and weather-proof their timber clad buildings before their busy Winter period. This photo is after only one coat and looks fabulous, almost time to light those fires. 


Timber Eco Shield - Cedar    Timber Eco Shield - Black    Timber Eco Shield - Hazelnut            

Coming soon….New packaging designs for the Protek range

New packaging designs for the Protek range


Over the last year we have been investing in our commitment to the wood stain and paint market with an exciting and modern packaging redesign across the whole range. 


There was a desire to develop an easily recognisable signature look across all products that demonstrated Protek’s core values of environmentally friendly wood treatments. The brief was to create a packaging design that was stylish but simple and strong enough to stand out as a premium brand on the shelves.


With the attention on plastic and plastic pollution Protek have made the decision to move their products into tins.  As tins can be more easily recycled it felt like the right choice to make for the environment.


New packaging designs for the Protek range - Wood Stain and ProtectProtek New Packaging designWood Stain and Protect is the first to be phased in and has a stylish new tin can. We are working through a changeover period so a mix of different cans and tins will be despatched over this time. We will have to raise the price next year (as the tins are more expensive) but we are holding the price the same for the transition period.

The only exception to the tin policy will be Shed & Fence which will be moved to a plastic container that contains 100% recycled plastic and is in turn fully recyclable.


Working with a highly experienced and award-winning designer – Tracey O’Doherty, the packaging has radically changed. Her first job was to update the logo, which has been tweaked in shape and colour. Now in a more modern colour pallet of white, black and orange it has brought it bang up to date.


The Packaging Design  

The new packaging reflects the importance of wood to Protek.  Using wood images to distinguish between the designs, the individual products now have a fresh new identity that is clean and clear. 



Alongside the new designs are icons.  The icons were designed to make it easy to see the different product features and benefits. Every feature has an icon- e.g. whether it is sprayable, uses nanotechnology, is child, pet and plant friendly or the coverage per M2 Simple designs to make it easier for the customer.


As a small British manufacturing company we are confident these exciting changes will see our company grow over the coming years.

Love Your Garden 2019

Love Your Garden 2019


Love Your Garden – the biggest TV Garden Makeover show is back with more inspiring garden designs for well deserving people.  We are delighted to supply our woodpaints for the 8th series to add a touch of colour.


Love Your Garden 2019 Episode 1

What a fabulous garden to start the new series, we can't decide if this is our favourite ever, but every episode we say 'it can't get any better' and it does.


This garden was always going to be special as it was for fellow gardener Daniel, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s (a subject close to our heart) a terrible disease and at 32 totally shocking. We hope that Daniel and his family enjoy every minute of this beautiful garden.


We loved the different zones created; the outside kitchen and alfresco dining area were very stylish. The tree lined avenue leading to the love seat- so sweet, the outside studio come drum room and the little play house with finally the figure 8 path that always leads back home. Everything had been thought of.


Well done to the team Alan Titchmarsh, Katie Rushworth, David Domoney and Frances Tophill they did it again!!!


Alan's tips on sensory planting and creating home-made play equipment for children were simple but so effective.


The products used on the first show were from our Royal Exterior range.

Silver Grey - on the fences

Drawing Room Gold- on the playhouse

Dove Grey- planters and pergola

Cashmere -on the fences


Lots of soft and muted colours created a very calm space to relax.


Royal Exterior - Silver Grey  Royal Exterior - Drawing Room Gold  Royal Exterior - Dove Grey  Royal Exterior - Cashmere  

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