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Easy Mother’s Day homemade gifts

We've been looking into the some of cheapest and easiest ideas for making lovely Mother's Day gifts! You can use left over paints or stains or get some of our sample pots, have a look below for some great ideas!


All you need is a smidge of inspiration!


Plant Pots

Keep it upcycle friendly and find an old plant pot in the garden like we did, look how amazing they could look.



Royal Metallic Exterior - Cooper    Royal Metallic Exterior - Bronze   Royal Metallic Exterior - Gold   Royal Metallic Exterior - Silver  Royal Interior - Hadspen Blue  Royal Interior - Snow 


Wood paint craft ideas with a fern and plant pot  Wood paint craft ideas with cactus  Wood paint craft ideas with flowers  Wood paint craft ideas with flowers in silver  Wood paint craft ideas with succulent tree


Trinket Box

Add some style to a plan wooden box and make something reallly unique, we did this with some lefts overs, but it's still super cheap to do by buying some sample pots.



Timber Eco Shield - Weathered Wood  Royal Interior - Giddy Green  Royal Interior - Iris Blue  Royal Interior - Passionate Plum  Royal Interior - Teal


Wood stain craft ideas small wooden box  Wood stain craft ideas small wooden box close up


Room Decoration

We had this lovely heart which we gave a new lease of life by jazzing up with a bit of colour, cheapest out the lot and mum will love it.



Wood Stain & Protector - MarigoldWood Stain & Protector - Cranberry CrushWood Stain & Protector - PrimroseWood Stain & Protector - WhitewashWood Stain & Protector - Bristol BlueWood Stain & Protector - Grass GreenWood Stain & Protector - Fire Engine Red           Wood Stain & Protector - VioletWood Stain & Protector - Lilac  

Royal Metallic Exterior - Bronze   Royal Metallic Exterior - Gold  



Wood stain craft ideas heart




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