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Wood Preserver Plus Application Guide

Protek Wood Preserver Plus is a ready-to-use product and does not need to be diluted. Stir well before use. The product should be applied evenly in order to get best results. Reseal container after use. Do not allow this product to reach aquatic environments, the ground or the sewer system. Protect environment (e.g. soil, plants, aquatic environment) from splashes of Protek Wood Preserver Plus. Do not apply in damp conditions or if rain is imminent. H.S.E.No. 10102


Processing temperature: 10-30C (wood and product)


If correctly stored and kept in the original sealed container (cans), the shelf life as at least 24 months. Temperatures above 30C and below 5C should be avoided. Before use it must be ensured that the product is at a temperature between 0C and 30C.


Dispose of in accordance with local regulations.


Please read the Material Safety Data Sheet>

Wood Preserver

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